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In Loving Memory of
Mr. Jason Ingram

Mr. Jason Ingram passed away on October 18, 2023. He was a beloved teacher at Emma Jewel Charter Academy since 2014. He taught grades 2nd, 4th, and 5th during his time at Emma Jewel. He was one of the best educators to walk this side of earth. He was one of the most passionate and hardworking educators that would always go the extra mile for his scholars. He will be truly missed by our scholars and educators.

Below are some memories that the scholars have shared:

"I remember that he would always play pranks. He was the best teacher ever!" -Ka'variana

"Mr. Ingram would tell us fun stories and make us laugh." -Benjamin

"He told us he lived in the woods. I will miss him so much." -Hassan

"He was the best teacher. We miss you and want you back." -Maxwell

"I remember with I was in 2nd grade and we became friend the second day of school." -Da'riyha

"Mr. Ingram was the best 2nd grade teacher ever!" -De'Andre

"Mr. Ingram loved us and taught us everything." -Rha'niyah

"He was the best teacher. We love him." - Saniya

"I remember when I got to go to his class to tell him I had a great day!" -Conner

"Mr. Ingram, thank you for everything. You were the best teacher." -Angel

"I remember when he used to give me fist bumps." - Darian

"Every time I showed him my Warrior Bucks, he would take them and I would try to take them back and then he would give them back to me. It was a great memory." -Maddox

"I remember the time that you walked on the table. I miss him." - Malani

"I remember when he took my lip gloss and hid it in the ceiling." -Gianna

"I miss when we played ball and the environment you created in the classroom." -Richard

"Mr. Ingram was funny and nice and kind." -Amiya

"I remember when Mr. Ingram use to let the class play games and dance. He was my favorite teacher. I miss you." - Zion

"I remember he was very nice and helpful. He was a wonderful man who I knew very well and he always loved my shoes." -Mia

"On my first day at Emma Jewel, Mr. Ingram said hi to me and then we were friends." -Andy

"I remember the chicken alfredo prank and always trying to get me in 'trouble'." -Clayton

"I remember the time that he put a fake cockroach in Mrs. Woods classroom." -Trinice

"There was one time when Mrs. Woods stepped out of the classroom for a minute and Mr. Ingram took something of hers and hid it in the ceiling. He told the class to keep it a secret." -Sofia

"I loved his jokes. I remember he used to say his water were kids tears. Make sure you tell the angels your good jokes!" -Amiya